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Coffee Concept provides end-to-end consultancy and facilitation services of leasing, establishing and initial running of coffee houses to a certain level of profitability. We deal with establishment of coffee houses and cafés, finding of investment, internal design of the restaurants, training of the cooks and the personnel and establishment of the overall image of the coffee house.


Designing a coffee shop isn’t just about getting the right look. Or serving the best coffee. It’s about creating an experience which not only shouts about the amazingness of your coffee, and how that makes people feel good, but also an experience which gives a double-shot boost to your brand. A successful coffee shop integrates everything the brand represents into a three-dimensional space—not just a cool interior, but great customer service, a great product, smart and efficient operations and a powerful identity brought to life through branding and innovative graphics. Everything works together to create something even bigger. All the parts have to work in sync and if any don’t, the cracks start to show and the business suffers. These are the guiding principles of Coffee Concept:

Share the same creative & business goals

The Holy Grail for designer and client has to be the same from the outset. To design something different, which cuts through the competition, delivering not only an exciting visual experience, but one which works to drive foot traffic and make money for the coffee shop brand. If your designer is only interested in creating the hottest new look in town, run for the hills.

Bring the customer center-stage

The coffee shop experience should always be built around the customer and the design tailored to fit him or her, culturally, socially and geographically, like a glove. Today’s consumers are savvy and warm to brands which mirror their view of themselves in the world, responding less and less to identikit design. So, it follows that coffee shops in a chain shouldn’t be clones of each other, but tailored to fit the space you’ve chosen.

Get the customer journey right and the rest will follow

Understanding how customers will interact with the space is the key. From what they see when they approach the shop from across the street through to how they move through the space. What they see at any given point will drive the decisions they make. We always put ourselves in the place of the customer, analysing the way different types of customers might make decisions about the brand in and out of the shop environment. These decisions drive the interior design, spatial arrangements, bar configuration, graphic communications and customer service. Exploring this helps us work with the brand to talk to the customer through the design of the shop at the exact point where they make their decision.

Make sure design and operations are integrated

If you want to create an amazing interior display of coffee beans or coffee bags, make sure you also put in place some strict visual merchandising rules to maintain the display, or it’ll fall apart, become messy, and you won’t make a dime. The coffee shop is the biggest and one of the most expensive marketing tools a business has and it should be used for maximum effect. The store design is like a silent barista, talking to the customer in discreet ways, in a tone of voice which makes them warm to your brand and love what you do.


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